New Content

20 March 2019 (16:12) by Archlight Team

We are preparing the largest content expansion we have ever done (but a 2-3x margin as well). This will also have many reworks to issues/systems players dislike as well including pvp & quest griefing. To manage expectations, this isn't coming in the next week or two. But we will be working round the clock (quite literally 12-16 hours a day 7 days a week) on this. We will be continuing to drop teasers throughout the process. We are Very excited about this.

Patch Notes

19 February 2019 (15:02) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes February 20th

  - Merged a public contribution to the Market System (mainly Offer History)
  - Fixed an issue where hotkeys and chat wouldn't fully load because the battle list module were disabled
  - Disabled underground colorization since people complained about the ambient light setting
  - Awakening Level will now be sent to the guild window

Guild window
- Allowing closing the window with the escape button

- Ability to kick yourself out of your guild (to leave the guild) from the guild window
- Fix the issue of guild icon not being shown properly

- Fixed hotkeys not properly saving

- Fixed where certain shortcuts didn't work (numpads, bot window)
- Fixed where the keystrokes registered multiple times to cause the player to be kicked out of the game
- Stability improvements

  - Fixed energy regeneration (identifier issue)
  - Fixed a regeneration issue (force life enchant to reset ticks)
  - Solo & Greater charges that are bought with boost points will be spent instantly when you purchase a charge while being inside a dungeon already (only if you aren't entitled to retrieve reward from the available chest(s))
  - Heirloom Crates are now properly soulbound
  - Moved the application of equipment bonuses after your other bonuses upon logging in, this generally leads to less health/mana for your character but an accurate representation of what you should have had from the beginning.

Patch Notes

25 January 2019 (16:14) by Archlight Team

January 26th Patch Notes

Catch-Up Bags Added to NA
These are meant to help newer/mid tier players catch-up in character strength. Items available in these bags include - Catch-Up Stat Stones, Catch-Up Upgrade/Rune/Soul Stones, Bronze, Silver & Gold Regrade Keys. Catch-Up Bags are obtained by completing dungeons.

Class Changes
Guardian Soul Runes will now benefit from runemastery

World Boss & Rift Changes
World Boss Health Scaling Increased by 25%
Rift Bosses will now spawn after 15 minutes of the rift opening, as well it will scale based on the power of the participants similar to World Bosses. We will be also enhancing the loot in the near future (Before the new EU Season)

Emoji's will now display in the chat logs & private messages! 
You are now able to right click a chat window, and open it as Read Only, splitting your chat window into two, so you can view 2 chat windows at once (For example, General & Trade Chat, General & Loot Chat, A Private Chat & Help Chat)
Fixed a floor related issue (finding the correct clickable-floor)
Fixed an issue with outfit/mount images in the Store

Misc Changes & Fixes
Furniture will now display unwrapped in the Furniture Shop
Professions such as Alchemy, Blacksmith will use gold & at that are available in your bank
Added some PvP zone precautions to avoid deaths
Added an item trasher blocker for teleports

Quick Survey

16 January 2019 (00:13) by Archlight Team

Hey guys! We like to do surveys once or twice a year, to get some clear information from you all, the community, on ways we can improve Archlight moving forward! We will be giving away 5 Bundles of $20USD Archlight Coins on NA or EU (your choice) to people who complete the Survey! It takes less than 3 minutes to fill out (10 quick questions - most multiple choice). At the end, simply add your character name for a chance to win! You can fill out the Survey here -

Patch Notes

15 January 2019 (16:52) by Archlight Team

January 19th Patch Notes

~~Feat Tasks~~
Now requires any type of spirits/phantoms/wraiths
Now requires 2 of any of the 5 world bosses

~~Refreshing Amulet & Oblations / Minor Oblation Amulets~~
Now regenerates 0.5% hp and 0.4% mana every 2 seconds (compared to 2%/1% previously) now based on max health/mana rather than base.

~~Class Balances~~
Archer:Snaring Shot paralyze is now 100% stronger and also lasts an additional 1 second (1 > 2) - movement speed change made that paralyze non-existant.

Lulaby's paralyze is now 50% stronger and also lasts an additional 1 second (1 > 2) - same reason as snaring shot.

Flask and Bottle of Rum both buffed by 15% (Corsairs were healing as much as Archers but have 15% more hp, hence the buff)
Soul Rune no longer requires a target as it is pretty silly to have an AoE rune require a target.
Quick Draw buffed by 67% (Corsairs lacked a filler ability (considering their high cooldowns) that is worth using compared to every other vocation)

Ravenous Fiend range changed to 2 (from 4) so they can make a use of their AoE
Demonic Blood and Bonefiends have been buffed by like 300% because their damage was similar to the summons from level 150.
Witch's hourglass has been buffed by 92%~ but the amount of halved has been halved, this has been changed to match the new regen system (the damage was simply too slow to match the big regeneration numbers) and give more of a "wow" factor for necro players.
Reaper's touch has been buffed by 94%~ but the amount of rounds has been halved. Same reason as above.
Necromancer Soul Runes (t1 and t2) have been buffed by about 92%~ but the amount of rounds has been halved. Same reason as above.

Change Eruption to shoot 25% faster for more consistency
You can now use the rune freely without the need of a target.

Exura ico nerfed by 25%
Life Steal nerfed by 25%
Blood Sense nerfed by 50% (from +60% to +30%)
T1 Soul rune nerfed by about 18%
T2 Soul rune nerfed by about 21% (its still superior to t1, nothing to worry about)

Fixed the bug where the target would be able to dodge the rune. It now requires a target.

Evocation has been buffed by 15% (Mages sustain went down by quite a bit since NA is limited to +40)

~~Crafting Changes~~
All crafting professions have received the next tier of crafting.
Cooking has received relic stones for awakened stones (1:5)
Alchemy has received ancient stat stones for large stat stone (1:8)
Tanning has received relic soul stones for awakened soul stones (1:4)
Blacksmithing has received relic rune stones for awakened rune stones (1:4)

~~Game Changes~~

Progression Tokens
Players will now receive progression tokens as they level up (more frequently at lower level, however you will receive them from late game progression as   well). These tokens are soulbound, and allow you to win a random amount of Boost Points.

Boost Points
You can now purchase solo/greater dungeon charges as well as +6 hours stamina with boost points.

Addon task names has been renamed

Refresh Amulet
Its healing capabilities will be based off your maximum health and mana instead of their base values. Because of this change, their regen % has been adjusted to remain balanced.

Dove Mode
Has been re-enabled again, however with an additional change, now if you are targetted in pvp, you will not be able to run through any player.

Corsair Gun Cards
Fire card will now make the Corsairs attacks hit a small AOE
Created Cards will no longer go straight to your main backpack but instead prioritize guns if they have any room

Increase the timer from 1 minute to 10 minutes to allow for more players to participate
Broadcasts will be sent to Discord from now on

Link Copy Warning
A window will popup whenever you try to copy a text message that contains a blacklisted phrase, such as a bitly link (which some use to attempt to trick gullible people into inputting their account information)

~~Bug Fixes~~

Updated incorrect descriptions

Properly displayed in ascending order

Mimic Scrolls
No longer need to separate stacked scrolls
A confirmation window will now appear when you try to overwrite existing attributes

Archlight Loot Crates
Resolved an issue where it didn't add more than 1 platinum coin

Addon Doll
Fixed improper description

They will no longer attract other creatures

Fixed an issue where enchantments in certain scenarios didn't apply (i.e. dual wield and casting spells)

Fast Travel
Fixed some various issues with it (i.e. abuse in PvP scenarios)

Test of Strength NPC
Fixed an issue with the random generated task

Resolved an issue that led to bugged health and mana for certain players

Monster Essences
Experience essences will no longer appear for players that have zero stamina

Quest Log
Fixed a typo that affected Venom Seal & Venom Castle

Awakened Spells
Flask of Rum & Prayer will both be applying their intended effects (extra healing) from now on

They are now able to summon their ordinary summons while casting the underling spell

Fixed some miscellaneous issues

Monks (Legendary Spell)
Fixed attack speed buff

Seal Bosses
You can no longer run through other seals after killing a single boss

Fishing Rods
You will no longer be able to equip a fishing rod unless you have the required skill level

You will no longer be able to avoid XP loss by dying to a monster after a PvP situation (i.e. killing another player)
You will now get PZ locked for retaliating in a PvP situation

Upon spawning, they will follow you more accurately (i.e. underling)
Fixed the health of exiled creatures (i.e. exiled fighter)
Fixed the experience for Enflamed Otherworld Lord
Fixed the health of ogre creatures (i.e. ogre brute)
Added an extra parameter to monster summoning which should result into less summons getting spawned behind unreachable locations

Over 50 reported map bugs has been fixed

Reverted an accidental change that affected how far you could zoom out/in

You will no longer get kicked from the event for standing still
You are no longer able to take the flag when the event is over (CTF)

Christmas House Contest!

30 December 2018 (16:46) by Archlight Team

$2000USD in Prizes!!

1st Place: $250 Archlight Coins Package & An Exclusive Christmas Panda Mount!
2nd Place: $150 Archlight Coins Package & An Exclusive Christmas Panda Mount!
3rd Place: $100 Archlight Coins Package & An Exclusive Christmas Panda Mount!
4th - 25th place: $50 Archlight Coins Package Each!

Christmas Panda Mount

Congratulations to our 25 winners! 
All winners will have the Coins transfered to them in-game & Panda mailed to them within the next 24 hours (please be patient..)
1st - Colton Davila

2nd - Mythandox

3rd - Black Knight

4th - 25th (These are in no particular order!)

Asura Striker




Bud Toker











Ryan Scleteye


Sneaky Necro



Patch December 28th

27 December 2018 (19:39) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes 
Coming December 28th

Dove Mode Removed
Dove Mode has been removed for the time being, as the playerbase seems to not like the change. 
Instead, we have added disintegrate runes back into the game, increasing their use range to 3 squares, however, they can only destroy items that are used to block with (parcels, crates, etc). We have added half a dozen other limitations to these to prevent abuse while still offering the desired function.

Achievement Reset Potion added to the Arch Shop

Fixed multiple client side issues
These fixes should resolve the issues some players have been having of black tiles, duplicate characters on screen, client crashes and more.

Like System Removed 
I mean, really this system was easily abusable and so didn't mean much if anything. And will be replaced with the Tutor System Below.

New Tutor System
We've been having dificulties for years now coming up with a way to reward our tutors, as giving everyone something isn't fair as some tutors help 5x more than others. We wanted to find a way to reward these tutors, for actually how much they're helping the playerbase, without there being an easy way to abuse it without us catching these abusors and removing them. In tomorrow's patch, we will be adding a new system in where tutors can use a simple talkaction, to receive a yes/no from the player as to whether or not they helped the player, which will take a snapshot of their recent dialogue allowing us to very simply verify any abuse.

How the system works
When a tutor has answered a player's question, he can simply say /tutor [playername] which will automatically pm them "Have I helped your question? [Yes] [No], the player can then simply respond Yes or No, if he says Yes, you will receive 1 Admiration Point.

At the end of every month, we will be rewarding tutors based on how many Admiration Points they have received, with either Coins, Living Tokens, Exclusive Cosmetics or more, we are still undecided on this. We will likely also filter out tutors that help very few players to replace them with new tutors. 

These Admiration Points will also be displayed when people "look" at you in-game, as how the [Likes] previously were. In the near future, we will also be adding a badge system, to show ingame and inchats how many people you've helped.

Please note; tutors caught abusing this system, will be permanently banned from Archlight. If you notice a tutor abusing this system, feel free to report it to Gamemaster Knighter, or Community Manager Rufus. However, we will likely catch them when we verify responses at end of months when tutors are rewarded for their helping of players.

Notas de Patch
Em 28 de dezembro

Modo Dove removido
O Modo Dove foi removido por enquanto, já que a base de jogadores parece não gostar da mudança.

Em vez disso, nós adicionamos desintegrar as runas de volta ao jogo, aumentando seu alcance de uso para 3 quadrados, no entanto, eles só podem destruir itens que são usados para bloquear (parcels, caixas, etc). Nós adicionamos meia dúzia de outras limitações a estas para prevenir abusos enquanto ainda oferecemos a função desejada.

Corrigidos vários problemas do cliente
Essas correções devem resolver os problemas que alguns jogadores tiveram de blocos pretos, personagens duplicados na tela, falhas do cliente e muito mais.
Sistema de Like removido

Quer dizer, realmente esse sistema era facilmente abusivo e, portanto, não significava muito, nem nada. E será substituído pelo Sistema Tutor Abaixo.
Novo Sistema de Tutor

Nós temos tido dificuldades por anos, agora chegando com uma maneira de recompensar nossos tutores, pois dar a todos algo não é justo, pois alguns tutores ajudam 5 vezes mais do que os outros. Nós queríamos encontrar uma maneira de recompensar esses tutores, por quanto eles estão ajudando a base de jogadores, sem que haja uma maneira fácil de abusar dela sem que possamos pegá-los e removê-los. No patch de amanhã, estaremos adicionando um novo sistema onde os tutores podem usar uma conversa simples, para receber um sim / não do jogador, se eles ajudaram ou não o jogador, que irá tirar uma foto do seu recente diálogo, nos permitindo simplesmente verificar qualquer abuso.
Como o sistema funciona

Quando um tutor respondeu à pergunta de um jogador, ele pode simplesmente dizer /tutor [nome do jogador], que automaticamente irá dar pm com "Eu ajudei sua pergunta? [Sim] [Não], o jogador pode simplesmente responder Sim ou Não, se ele disser Sim, você receberá 1 Ponto de Admiração.

No final de cada mês, nós estaremos recompensando os tutores com base em quantos Pontos de Admiração que eles receberam, seja com Coins, Living Tokens, Cosméticos Exclusivos ou mais, ainda estamos indecisos sobre isso. Provavelmente, também filtraremos os tutores que ajudam muito poucos jogadores a substituí-los por novos tutores.

Esses Pontos de Admiração também serão exibidos quando as pessoas "olharem" para você no jogo, assim como as [Likes] anteriormente. Num futuro próximo, também adicionaremos um sistema de crachás para mostrar o jogo e comprometer quantas pessoas você ajudou.

Observe; tutores pego abusando deste sistema, será banido permanentemente do Archlight. Se você notar um tutor abusando desse sistema, sinta-se à vontade para denunciá-lo ao Gamemaster Knighter ou ao Community Manager Rufus. No entanto, provavelmente os capturaremos quando verificarmos as respostas no final dos meses, quando os tutores são recompensados por sua ajuda aos jogadores.

Shadow Of The Ashen

21 December 2018 (15:04) by Archlight Team

Coming Soon™
A cloud is growing…
The shadow of the Ashen is feeding off the crimes of the villains of Archlight. 
The ancestors of our world held their tongues. They dared not speak of the eclipse that almost consumed the land ten thousand years ago…until now. 
All the greed and murdering of Archlighters has weakened an ancient barrier sealing off a fiendish temple. For that vile place…is a gateway to the parallel world of Dusklight. The Ashen are rising from the depths of all the pain and suffering… 
…And the Heart of the Thousands won’t stop until Archlight is consumed by eternal darkness.