NA Player Boom

18 November 2018 (14:59) by Archlight Team

Im going to make an official post to address on the random server lag issues, the reboots, and how we will be compensating it moving forward until we solve the issues.Currently, due to the massive influx of players on NA, our servers are having difficulty keeping up. We have literally the best server money can buy as well. We cannot upgrade further.

Now, you may ask, well why can some RL maps have as many as us online, without having any lag issues. This is due to how many actions are calculated on Archlight every second/tenth of a second. To make regen smoother and less spikey, regen is calculated every 0.1 seconds, additionally, players attack multiple times a second, cast far more spells, many different things calculate said damage, regen, etc as well. There is alot more load on our servers than a real map where players hit every 1.5 seconds once, and cast a single spell, and regen a few hp every couple seconds.

Everyone should know this is of top priority to our team currently, we are actively monitoring the situation and working on different solutions.

During this time however, we will need to be rebooting the server somewhat more frequently than we would like, that being likely twice a day. These are very fast 10-15 second reboots, and we will usually try to give atleast 1 hour notice.

However, as a thank you for your patience as players during these 10-15 second reboots, we will be activating a global experience booster after each reboot while he handle these issues.

Again, this is a blessing and annoyance at the same time, of course, we are thrilled by how massive the NA server is, and its success, but with that growth and success, comes infrastructure work. But as we have for nearly 4 years now, we WILL solve the issues as we always have, and we are excited for the continued growth once these issues are resolved :)

~Archlight Team

Hiring Graphic Artist

16 November 2018 (15:39) by Archlight Team

We are currently hiring a simple graphic artist for Archlight. This position is paid. Whether with in-game coins for your help or real life money. You will be expected to make graphics at minimum the quality or higher of the graphics you see below in our news posts.

If you are interested please email 5 examples of your work to as well as your character name on Archlight (if you have one), your discord username (so i can contact you), your age, your location & your availability each week (we just need someone with 4-5 hours a week, but more available people tend to be easier to work with).

Goodluck to all those who apply!

Minor Patch

15 November 2018 (13:26) by Archlight Team

Minor Patch (November 15th)

We will be doing a quick patch today to address a couple concerns with the Monster Essence Changes!This patch will include an OPTIONAL client update (must be done by Direct Download Link) that will make the font much larger for when a Monster Essence Appears, as well as easier to see. You are not required to update to the new version, but for those who find Monster Essences difficult to see, this will improve that greatly.

We will also be making a couple changes to the !ME command to remove the ability for people to macro abuse it.

First: All questions are being made MUCH easier, no more 46 * 19 (LOL), now questions will be simple additions etc. (2+7~)
Second: Now, anytime you select an incorrect answer, you will suffer a -25% monster essence chance penalty for 60 minutes (If you have a 4% monster essence find, it will now be 3%). 4 Incorrect answers total will mean you will have NO CHANCE to find a monster essence for 60 minutes. Everytime you get another question wrong when at 0% chance, the duration of 60 minutes will reset.

Finally: We will be actively checking for people abusing this system, if we catch it, it will be a full ban. Dont let us catch you, as it's very easy for us to check haha.

Additionally, the damage increase of Archer's never went through. This will also be finally loaded in in this patch. We will announce when the patch is once we are prepared.

Patch Notes

13 November 2018 (15:54) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes
11.14.18 (Wednesday)

Kill Streaks are a new system being introduced to Archlight in tomorrow's patch to add more depth to the PvP-E System. Now, any kill you make will reward you with 50% of the experience stolen, per usual in the pvp-e system, however, 50% will also be stored as your "Kill Streak". Everytime you get a kill, your streak will increase, as well, the Stored Experience from those kills will increase, this becomes your "bounty". Your bounty is an amount of experience that another player will obtain "steal" if they kill you. All Kill Streaks & Bounty Experience will be viewable on the Leaderboards under Player > Kill Streaks. The more kills a player has in their streak, the larger their Bounty Experience will become and rewarded to the player/players that "end" that streak. 

Kill Streaks will also be broadcasted in-game at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 Kill Tiers ;)

The Frag System has been changed to where the last person to hit someone before they die will receive the frag.

Frag Removers have been added to the ArchStore.

Guild Sieges

Guild Sieges will take place at 16:00EST every Saturday!
Bidding for the first Guild Siege Opens THIS Sunday at 0:00EST until 23:59 Sunday Night!
Bidding every week will be open from Sunday 0:00EST > Sunday 23:59EST
Prepare your Guild. Siege Wars are coming.

Simple About for Siege Wars -
Larger Desciptive Post About How Sieges Work Below This Patch Post

Guilds have 24 hours to bid to obtain a spot in the Siege War.
The first Siege War will occur on Saturday November 24th, the first bidding will open this Saturday November 17th. 
Every week, up to 6 guilds will be able to win their share of up to $2500USD in In-Game Rewards from Siege Tokens, As well as $500USD in in-game Outfits & Cosmetics from our new Minor Cosmetic Tokens!
However, As we are lowering the minimum power, combined power, and halving the entry gold, siege tokens earned by your rank in the event has been lowered by 35% for the first two weeks until these values are all raised back up. However, tokens obtained from participating & minor cosmetic tokens remain the same.

Minimum Guild Average Power Required Is 1000.
Minimum combined power is 15000.
Your guild must have the above two requirements before you are able to Bid on a Guild Siege.
Minimum Bid to enter your guild is 5kk Gold!

House UI Improved
Cancelling a bid will now charge a 20% cancellation fee (to prevent people bidding just to extend bid timers)
Whenever a bid is made when an auction has 60 or less minutes left, it will extend the timer by 10 minutes up to 60 minute max.
You can now view how much time is left on an Auction

In-Game Hall of Fame Room & Player Statues

Moving forward, at the end of each Season, on NA & EU, 3 Statues of 3 Players will be created and added to the Top Floor of the Depot, where the new In-Game Hall of Fame will reside. These statues will remain in that hall of fame forever, if need be, in the future, another floor will be added. Each season, a player in each of the following categories will be created into a Statue of their favorite outfit, as well a name plate will be added and the season they were added to the Hall of Fame.
The three categories are:

- Highest Power
- Most Achievement Points
- Most Winning Siege Wars Guild Leader

Most Winning Siege Wars Guild Leader: The Guild Leader at the end of a season of the Guild who won the most amount of Siege Tokens
Most Achievement Points: Will be before the Power & Awakening Level points are added into the equation.

We are unsure yet if we will be doing characters as just outfits, or outfit + mount.

Class Balances
Archer's Base Attack Damage Buffed by 30%
Archer's Base Attack Speed Buffed by 15%

Longshot Buffs
Perfect Shot Cooldown Reduced from 10s > 8s
Pinpoint Shot damage increased by 27.5%
High Velocity Shot damage increased by 22.5%

Portugese Archlight Chat & Trade Chat added to client!

Monster Essence Rework
Monster Essences will no longer require you to run to 4 bounces, gathering each to obtain their reward. We are changing this because 1. We feel it is confusing for new players to fully grasp, and 2. It can be very obnoxious when hunting alot of creatures to constantly navigate through them (and potentially into more enemies) to gather an essence.
Instead, now when an essence is dropped, it will flash at the location and say !ME (Monster Essence) over it. You can now simply use !ME from where you are to attempt to absorb this essence, to complete absorbing it, a quick math problem will be presented (this is to prevent botters absorbing essences) which by completing, you will obtain the full essence.

Pre-Awakened Dungeon Boss Hp Nerfs
Thurin -15%
The Deathbringer -20%
Asharak King -10%
The Forsaken One healing nerfed by 15%
Hurac -30%
Rift Lord -20%
Forgotten City God -25%
Bloodlust -25%
The Alpha -30%
Lurka - 41%
Infected Giant -77% 
Exiled Cutthroat -58%
Gigancascean -50%

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the damage of the Assassin Dagger (Meant to be 46, was 23)
Enflamed Lords Exp Fixed and thus access portal re-opened.
Fixed a display issue in Guilds Average Power & Total Power (Where it doesn't have a decimal point)

Added several hundred more premium training locations, as all were being filled and occupied!
Rei Dos Coins Payment Option (For Brazilian Users) Added To Client Donate UI
Casino UI Background Fixed
Odd Black Tile Drawing Issue some may experience fixed

Siege Wars

13 November 2018 (15:53) by Archlight Team

Siege Wars
Siege Wars is a new, weekly event coming to Archlight. Each Sunday, Guilds have 24 hours to bid to enter the Siege War, the top 6 highest bidding guilds will receive a position in the Siege. Once the bid has closed at midnight PST, guilds will have 5 days to prepare for the Siege. A bidding guild must have a minimum average power of 1500 and combined power of 10000. 
Siege Wars will take place on a 6 guild war sized map, with 13 Captures points, 4 Graveyards, 4 Small Creature Camps, 2 Large Creature Camps and what many different Viewpoints and Changing World Styles.
Each Guild will have 60 seconds to build their defense for their Capture Point, after which time the event will begin.
Guilds receive 10 Capture Points every 30 seconds that they control a point, increasing for each Capture Point they control. To take over a Capture Point from another guild - players must attack, and/or use siege weapons to destroy the holding statue, by destroying it, theirs will replace it and can now be defended to earn the guild Control Points.
Guilds will receive their share of 150 Siege Tokens based on their placement in the Siege Wars.
1st Place - 50 Siege Tokens
2nd Place - 30 Siege Tokens
3rd Place - 25 Siege Tokens
4th Place - 20 Siege Tokens
5th Place - 15 Siege Tokens
6th Place - 10 Siege Tokens
Siege Tokens can be spent at a shop containing the rarest of rares on Archlight - Including Regrade Keys, Enchantment Scrolls, Legendary Archlight Keys, Awakening Stones and more.
Every Participant of a Guild Siege will also receive their own Siege Tokens
As well, for every Siege Token a player receives, they will also receive a Minor Cosmetic Token, that can be used to buy any Store Outfit Ingame!

Date & Time: Guild Sieges will take place at (TBD / Updated Later Today)

A list of all siege weapons and defensive structures can be viewed below.
Siege Structures & Weapons
Over a dozen Siege Structures & Weapons have been added into Archlight. Full list of Siege Structures and there purposes shown below (These can only be used in Siege Events).
Siege Defenses/Structures
Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a small amount of health.

Sturdy Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a moderate amount of health.
Reinforced Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a large amount of health.

Caltrops - Caltrops are invisible to opposing guilds - When stepped on, deals 20% of max health / mana (whichever is higher) damage to the target.

Spike Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, deals 50% of max health / mana (whichever is higher) damage to the target.
Fire Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, deals damage to all players in the area for 10% of their max health / mana (whichever is higher) for 5 seconds.
Ice Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, slows all targets in area for 5 seconds by 50%.

Binding Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, binds a target in place for 5 seconds.
Siege Weapons

Ballista - Once placed, this will attack random enemies until it is destroyed.
Catapult - Once placed, the catapult can be used by any player or guild to throw a boulder with a 3 second Hit Box Warning, dealing massive damage to that location.
Battering Ram - Once placed, will deal damage to the tile infront of it for 30 seconds.
Explosive Keg - Once placed, counts down from 5 seconds then explodes, dealing a large amount of damage to tiles around it.
Explosive Barrel - Once placed, counts down from 5 seconds then explodes, dealing a massive amount of damage to tiles around it.
Misc Structure

Capture Statue - This is placed with your guilds color to show possession of a Capture Point. By destroying a Capture Statue, you gain control of it and replace it with your Statue automatically. This is now your capture point to defend.

Free 7 Days Premium To All!

12 November 2018 (12:00) by Archlight Team

Everyone on Archlight NA is receiving 7 days of Free Premium!
This is a Thank You from our team for how big of a success you all have made Archlight NA!! We are hard at work preparing for a mid-week Patch including Archer Buffs, A Monster Essence Change (To make them easier to absorb/obtain), Adding Brazilian Payment Method into our Client & Adding Portugese Help & Game Chats! Anyone who has premium already, receives 7 additional days. If you are currently online, you will have to fully relog to make the 7 days active. 
~Archlight Team

Brazilian Donation Support!

10 November 2018 (21:23) by Archlight Team

Depois de quase 100 pms, nós achamos um intermediario rapidamente pra todos os players brasileiros conseguirem comprar Archlight Coins com Debito (deposito ou cartão) bitcoin & Pagseguro, simplesmente acesse

After almost 100 pms, We have quickly organized a middle man service for ALL Brazilian players to be able to purchase Archlight Coins with DEBIT (Deposit/Bank Card), Bitcoin & Pagseguro.
Simply go to

25% Off, Heirloom Points & Acc

08 November 2018 (15:02) by Archlight Team

All Donations on Archlight NA & EU will be 25% off! 

This will last from November 10th > November 17th 10:00am PST! 

Heirloom Points & Account Linking Explained
We are excited to announce our Heirloom Point System as well as future Account Linking! 

In the near future, we will be adding a way for everyone to "Link" their NA account to their EU account, or vice version. What this will do is SHARE your heirloom points & heirloom rewards from one server to the other to enjoy from both accounts! Please note: these are two seperate pools of Heirloom Points! If you spend points on one server, it wont prohibit you from spending those points on the other! You can spend the equal amount on both, as well as earn Heirloom Points on both!
Heirloom Points will in no way be able to be purchased or obtained via donating, now, or ever in the future.

How do I get Heirloom Points?
At the end of a Season on Archlight, our way of rewarding those for their progress, giving them an edge in the future, is through Heirloom Points. You receive 1 Heirloom Point at the end of a Season for each Achievement Point you obtained during that season! (Reminder, you will also receive Achievement Points based on your Awakening Level & Power as well near the end of a Season). So if you have 300 Achievement Points, you will receive 300 Heirloom Points to your NA & EU account!

Heirloom Progress Rewards!
Heirloom Progress Rewards are our new progression based reward system! These will be rewards that you will unlock based on the amount of Heirloom Points you have projected to earn. This means YES, you will receive Heirloom Rewards DURING a season based on your Achievement Points! Heirloom Rewards will be Season & Server Specific! And all exclusive! Meaning you can only unlock them on that Server & Season, and not again in future seasons through Heirloom Rewards! All Heirloom Rewards will be available on BOTH your EU & NA account if they are linked! Meaning you can enjoy the rewards on both your accounts! These rewards are not purchased with Heirloom Points, they are obtained automatically once you meet their requirement of Achievement Points!

Archlight North America will have Nation Wings as a 500 Achievement Point Reward! While this may seem tough to obtain to some, remember, you will also receive Achievement Points based on your awakening level & power! Once achieving this, you will receive an item that can be used to pick your wings of choice! While we currently are showing off only 4 country wings, more will be made to include other popular countries that play Archlight!

Other rewards will remain hidden for the time being ;) 

500 Achievement Points

750 Achievement Points

1000 Achievement Points

Other than Heirloom Rewards, what else can you get with Heirloom Points!?
Heirloom Points will allow you to access 11 Heirloom Mounts, 13 Heirloom Outfits, 6 Pairs of Wings, Random Character Enhancers (Stat Stones, Legendary Soils, etc), as *New* Heirloom Perks!

Heirloom Perks will be perks you can buy that will benefit your character for an entire season! These will be available the minute a new season starts for you to enjoy! Heirloom Perks will be random, however their benefit is very valuable. While you will only be able to have 1 of each individual perk on a character, you can have multiple perks! Perks will not be tradable, same as any Heirloom Point Rewards, this is to prohibit abuse with MC's throughout a Season. If you receive a perk you already have, you WILL be able to reroll it for one you dont have! :)
A few examples of some of the more basic Heirloom Perks below, however we will have unique ones being added as well ;) Again, these perks will benefit your character for the entirety of a Season.

**All Numbers Subject To Change**
+7.5% Faster Dungeon Charges
+7.5% Experience
+6% Crafting Exp Bonus
+5% Monster Essence Find
+5% AT Find
+4 to all Stats
+3% Chance for Enchantments to Proc
+3.5% Critical Chance

Single Client For NA & EU!
We are excited to announce that our client will support NA & EU, simply by toggling a button before logging in as shown below! As well, Your character settings will be saved based on that specific character! The new client will be released likely later today otherwise early tomorrow in preparation for Archlight North America Launching in less than 2 days!

Our Entire Wikipedia has been translated to Portugese! Simply select the Portugese translation on the left panel on the wikipedia to read everything in Portugese :)

Creature Balances
Voids, Vexclaws, Dragonlings and Draptors have all had their loot drops lowered by 15%
Aquatics have had their gold drop lowered by 40%
Otherworld Spawns have had their density lowered by 15%

Map Fixes
Fixed multiple stair bugs around the map.
Fixed multiple locations where tiles made you "invisible" due to having too many tile sets ontop of eachother.
Fixed several house bugs in town
Fixed multiple hole locations where players couldn't go up/down properly.
Fixed many house walls that didn't properly save hangable items
Added No-Logout Zone to Heroes Quest
Remove the stacks of poison fields at Eternal Tomb Quest which was causing huge FPS drops for players.
Fixed size of monster arena so players cant avoid creatures
Fixed events that didn't spawn their access portal at the proper location
Removed a few gems that spawned around the map on bootups.