NA & EU Prices Slashed!

24 April 2019 (11:41) by Archlight Team

After an amazing week of character reservation leading into what looks like will be our Largest Season ever, our team wants to celebrate this with all of you players (and future players) :")All donations on NA & EU will be lowered by 25%~ indefinitely.

This will not be reverted and will be our new standard pricing structure moving forward on both EU & NA

Oh. And all Emoji's are now free for everyone - None in the coin store anymore - And... we may have some more being added as well

Referral Contest!

21 April 2019 (18:02) by Archlight Team

Here are more details about the Referral Contest we are doing from NOW until May 11th! Get your referral code out there! Get friends to play! Get people in other communities your in to play! We have 5 different rewards for the top 5 referrers (Streamers/Content Creators aren't included in this contest)!

Character Creation Open!

18 April 2019 (11:25) by Archlight Team

Character Creation for North America Season 2 is NOW OPEN!
We will be announcing Several of our content creator partnerships we have made for Season 2 over the next week (we have expanded our exposure by 400-500%! But a couple of the favorite familiar faces are returning, with experience & vengeance! 

North America Season 2

16 April 2019 (15:24) by Archlight Team

Archlight North America Season 2
Launch: April 27th 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT / 17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST
Character Creation Opens: April 18th 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT / 17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST

This is the largest patch we've ever had by a mile, and thus insanely long patch notes, we have attached a TLDR below with the titles In order how they are in the patch notes, so if you want to read further on any topic, simply scroll down to it!

Coins, Promotion & Cosmetic Tokens Returned 
Heirloom Points For Last Seasons Progress
EU Player? Your adventure doesn't stop!
Streamer Partnerships & Outreach

New Content - So, so much of it!
Ashen Expansion Content
Ashen Weapons
Misty Mountains Quest
Maximum Party Size has been Increased to 20. This is important for the Ramparts & Instanced Quest Reworks.
Heroic Quests
Ramparts Rework & Massive Expansion
Heaven & Hell Improvements & More Content
Instanced Story Quests
Class Unique Buffs
Poke Autochess Mini-Game

Improvements to Handle The Very Large North American Playerbase
Duplicates of all spawns up to & including 450 spawns to handle player population
Many Spawns Revamped/Expanded!
Client & Engine Optimizations to handle player population
Network Bandwidth doubled on both our North American & European Servers
New Referral Program
Referral Competition - Get your own unique custom designed outfit!

Improving The F2P Experience
Item Essences Reworked for F2P Players To Excel
New Free Mimic Scroll for Progressing Players
Equipments Modified
Outfits Passive Health/Mana Bonus Lowered To Address P2W Concerns
Bringing Back House Contests & Seasonal Events!

Misc Improvements & Reworks
Player Vs Player Improvements
Richochet Enchantment
Catch-Up Experience Changes
New Poll & Player Voting System
Guild Siege Changes
No PvP Damage In Parties
Task Window & Wild Boss Windows Revamped!
All World Bosses Loot & Monster Essence Buff
Additional Tutorial Images
Necromancer Variable Scaling
Earth Rift Expanded
Woodcutting Buffs
Woodworking Buffs
New Dig & Climb Event
Working on Cleaning Up Our Community
Events Now Start Half Past The Hour
Heirloom Points Scale
Coin Ressurection Time Table

Our Promise - All Coins, Promotion & Cosmetic Tokens Returned
Archlight has now been online for over 4 years. Since day 1, we have always garanteed that every dollar you spend on Archlight you will receive back in the event of a new Season! Our team will always keep this promise to every single player of Archlight. As in past Season's, points will be rolled out to ensure that the economy isn't destroyed by a dumping of Archlight Coins. At the bottom of this post you can view our standard point release schedule!

Heirloom Points For Last Seasons Progress!
All Accounts have received Heirloom Points for their past seasons progress! 

Accounts receive Heirloom Points based on their strongest character on their account. For every Achievement Point, you will receive 1 Heirloom Point. As well, you will receive additional Heirloom Points based on your characters Awakening Level & Total Power. The scale for this can be found at the end of these patch notes!

When a season ends, you will receive all of those heirloom points immediatly on Launch for the next season, as well, half the heirloom points earned will be added to your heirloom points total, these are also received every new season! So even multiple seasons later, you are benefitting more and more for your past progress on Archlight! While new players enjoy new seasons, you will always grow stronger from past play despite a fresh start!

And lastly, Make sure you link your European & American Server Accounts by logging into one of the accounts and "Linking" it with the other! Not only will you get to use cross-server limited edition cosmetics on both accounts but you will also benefit from Heirloom Points on both accounts/servers! 

EU Player? Your adventure doesn't stop!
We will be applying this patch likely a few days early to EU (Everything except the Ashen Content - this will be released once a guild has reached this content on NA - so it doesn't get spoiled for either side). However, for those wanting to play with a fresh playerbase and have their own fresh start, our ping to EU is under 100, as we have an East Coast server for Archlight NA. Additionally, all progress on NA will further reward you on the next EU era, by being able to obtain Heirloom Points on NA as well (linking your account to your EU account, means you will get all those Heirloom Points on EU as well!) So if you are looking for a booming start, create a character on NA as well and try it out!

Streamer Partnerships & Outreach
Something we found had large success in our last NA Season was our streamer partnerships. We made several partnerships, some paid, some strictly referral, and majority of those partnerships ended with the streamer playing after the sponsorship ended! We have reached out to many content creators and have drastically improved our referral process as a whole (More about this below) and are very excited for the hype these creators bring! We have also set up a deal with Rei Dos Coins in which they will be our exclusive South American reseller, in exchange they will be giving us tons of exposure all across their very large community of 10k users!

New Content - So, so much of it!

Ashen ExpansionA cloud is growing…


The shadow of the Ashen is feeding off the crimes of the villains of Archlight. 

The ancestors of our world held their tongues. They dared not speak of the eclipse that almost consumed the land ten thousand years ago…until now. 

All the greed and murdering of Archlighters has weakened an ancient barrier sealing off a fiendish temple. For that vile place…is a gateway to the parallel world of Dusklight. The Ashen is rising from the depths of all the pain and suffering… 

…And the Heart of the Thousands won’t stop until Archlight is consumed by eternal darkness.

Our largest content expansion to date, the Ashen Expansion comes packed with 6 long story quests, with over a dozen different bosses with their own unique boss mechanics, half a dozen new spawns, many mini-quests and much more to be explored. 
Ashen Weapons

The Ashen content not only comes with new challenges, but new rewards. Over 70 new weapons have become available through the Ashen content. 

Misty Mountains Quest
A new multi-boss quest, filled with new unique boss mechanics and puzzles opening access to the Ashen Content. 

Maximum Party Size has been Increased to 20. This is important for the Ramparts & Instanced Quest Reworks.

Heroic Quests

All Story Quests after the second week of launch will now have an additional mode they can be done in, this mode is called Heroic Mode. Players are able to join parties of up to 20 people to attempt a Heroic Quest Run of any of the Story Quests. To do a Heroic Run, everyone in the party must have had completed the normal version of the Story Quest. Heroic Quests, unlike normal quests, have a 7 day cooldown (refreshing every week on Monday at 0:00EST) and are timed. While you will receive a reward for completing each Heroic Quest no matter what, the value of your reward will be based on a your time on completing that heroic quest. The leaderboard has been updated with a Heroic Quest Category, in which you can see the times that each guild completed each Heroic Quest.

Heroic Quest rewards are obtained at the end of the week, when the leaderboard resets, all members who use the quest box at the end will receive a reward, being bigger & better the higher place your team finished. These timers are done on a per-guild basis, however the rewards are for anyone who completed it, when in a party, you are welcome to bring people from outside your guild to potentially aid your heroic quest run, however whoever is the first from the party to use the quest box at the end, will record which guild achieved said time, so if you bring outside people, make sure they know to not use the quest box first. 

Even if your group does not place in the top 5 fastest guilds, all members that used the quest box will still receive a reward at the end of the week. The base reward of each Heroic Quest is their Story Quest box, however by placing in the top 5 you will obtain higher tiers of each Quest Box & Other rewards!

If your group isn't satisfied with your times, you can repeat the same heroic quest run as many times as you wish for each quest, it will update to take your best time, however it will not give you more than 1 reward.

We also will have an overall Heroic Quest Leaderboard, which will give guilds points each week based on their placement in any heroic quests completed, awarding them points towards the overall leaderboard. 

But be warned, Heroic versions of quests are much more dificult than their normal version, with more frequent mechanics & boss stages.
Ramparts Rework & Massive Expansion

The Ramparts are one of the systems we have felt has been lacking a purpose and also feels lackluster in general, being essentially a promotion quest, but yet having it's own access point & design. We have completely overhauled how Ramparts works. Ramparts now will be a 4 day cooldown Instanced Event where you will embark with up to 20 total party members (minimum of 5) to challenge the Ramparts and attempt to make it as far as you can, before you wipe. Previously there was 2 ramparts, there is now 11 Ramparts, each with their own unique environments, enemies, and bosses to challenge. The Ramparts are all private queues, meaning you will enter with your party, and will face the challenges with that party only.

The dificulty of the Ramparts will scale according to your group, similar to Greater Dungeons, while their damage will scale based on the average power of the group, the health, experience and most importantly rewards will scale based on the total power of your group, meaning having a full 20 player party will yield the largest returns. 
Reward Bags:
While experience scales based on the total power of the group, the amount of reward bags you obtain per ramparts completed, will be based simply on how many total party members you have entered with. For example, If you entered with 15 members, each member will receive 15 bags per rampart cleared. The farther you make it, the more reward bags you are able to earn.

As other content, this will be strictly monitored and retroactively kept track of through our database, if we catch any abuse using MC's, the player/players involved will be banned.

Heaven & Hell Improvements & More Content

Artifact Experienced Earned from Completing Quests does not take up Contribution Room from your Daily Contribution Limit.

Improved the dialogue of multiple Heaven & Hell Missions to make them more clear.
You will now gain 40 Power for having a Level 1 Artifact, and +10 Power per level that Artifact is.

We have added several new tasks to the Heaven & Hell content to allow for quicker collection of Artifact Experience.

Heaven & Hell creatures now have force respawn (This will make some of the quest content slightly harder, but also make farming them much easier)

Heaven & Hell creatures (Non-Boss) now use their spell mechanics 25% less frequently, and also deal 50% less damage.

Heaven & Hell Arena's have been cleaned up, so they have less annoying hard to see unwalkable tiles making it easier for ranged vocations to kite in the Arena.

Instanced Story Quests
A massive issue this most recent European Season was the constant griefing by guilds when other guilds (or simply, Pick-Up Groups) were attempting to run quests. What used to be just the top tier guilds griefing eachother from completing high level content, became top tier guilds griefing random pick-up groups attempting low tier quests as well. This is when this became a serious issue we needed to resolve and not simply guild vs guild conflict anymore. After a full day of brainstorming with players from all stages of the game, we decided the best course of action will be to make all Story Quests Instanced. 

Now, instead of running through portals to try to make sense of a very large Questing Room, you will simply use a UI interface to select the quest you wish to partake on. Players will have the option to Public Queue or Private Queue. Public Queueing will put you in a group finder, that will teleport you into a private instance of the quest once enough other participants have joined the queue. Private Queue (which will be more commonly used) will enter you into an instance of the quest you queue for with everyone in your party, but no one outside of that party. This will allow guilds, Pick-up Groups, Mentored Groups, or just small Groups of friends to complete story quests in peace.

Class Unique Buffs
Now when you join an Instanced Quest (Story & Heroic Quests) Everyone in your party will receive a 10% buff to a specific stat based on which vocations are present. Each vocation will have a unique buff that applies to everyone in the party. Multiple of the same vocation will not give you multiple of the same buff, as they are unique to 1, however you can obtain all 10 buffs if you have all 10 vocations present for the entire party.

Sorcerer: +10% Arcane to the entire party
Druid: +10% Restoration to the entire party
Archer: +10% Precision to the entire party
Guardian: +10% Vitality to the entire party
Berserker: +10% Strength to the entire party
Bard: +10% Intelligence to the entire party
Monk: +10% Runemastery to the entire party
Necromancer: +10% Focus to the entire party
Rogue: +10% Haste to the entire party
Corsair: +10% Brewmastery to the entire party

Poke Autochess Mini-Game

Our Poke Autochess was a very fun side project for us, and it is now prepared to leave closed Alpha and move into a public Beta stage. Come end of week 2, we will be releasing the autochess for everyone to play on NA on a fixed schedule for the Beta, meaning it will only be available for certain hours. We dont want to release this on launch as we want to ensure people dont feel torn between the early rush and trying the autochess! Once it finishes a beta-balancing phase (further balance from what we've done as a team) it will be fully released to play whenever!
Improvements to Handle The Very Large North American Playerbase

Duplicates of all spawns up to & including 450
spawns to handle player population

Last NA Launch every spawn was exceptionally crowded with people, some being fortunate just to find a creature to kill every 2-3 minutes for the first day, and then far too full spawns come the week after. We have added a duplicate of all these spawns, that can be accessed in the same spawn rooms, to help facilitate the increased population!

Many Spawns Revamped/Expanded!

We have expanded and/or revampped many quests, some being old/outdated/ugly spawns that we felt needed a redo, but also some spawns that needed expanding (such as undead dragons). 
Client & Engine Optimizations 
Our last NA season - While a massive success - we were very much limited based on our server capacity, achieving a 1300 concurrent player count on otservlist, but anytime we got near/above that, the server would have troubles keeping up. We've worked hard to optomize from future problems, hopefully allowing us to handle up to 2000 concurrent players.

Network Bandwidth doubled on our North American & European Servers 
This will be very important for handling the increased North American Playerbase.
New Referral Program & Competition!
New Referral Program

Referral Contest!
Additionally, We are doing a competition for who can get the most referrals signed up by May 11th. This starts on Thursday April 18th! Any referrals from then to May 11th will be counted towards the competition! All referrals before April 18th (past referrals) wont count towards this!
We will be confirming the top 5 winners for validity, if one is caught abusing it, they will be disqualified. This contest is not available to our sponsored content creators, so you all will be competing on a very even field!

1st Place - Your Own Unique Outfit Designed & Created for Only You! You will have this for both your NA & EU account (if you have an EU account as well! You will be invited to talk with our artists and come up with a unique outfit for yourself that only you will have! 
2nd Place - Receive a limited edition companion!
3rd Place - Receive $200USD in Archlight Coins
4th Place - Receive $150USD in Archlight Coins
5th Place - Receive $100USD in Archlight Coins

Improving The F2P Experience
Item Essences Improved For F2P Players To Excel!
Item Essences have been reworked to no longer drop mundane equipment that is quickly vendored for little value. In replacement, Item Essences will now drop an assortment of progression items found in Archlight Crates, Legendary Crates & Quest Boxes.
Stat Stones, Large Stat Stones, Ancient Stat Stones
Upgrade Stones, Legendary Upgrade Stones, Awakened Stones, Relic Stones
Soul Stones, Awakened Soul Stones, Relic Soul Stones
Rune Stones, Awakened Soul Stones, Relic Soul Stones

We feel this will add a ton of value to those manually playing Archlight, and for those to excel without spending money.

New Free Mimic Scroll for Progressing Players
Players will now obtain free mimic scrolls while leveling, however while these are free, they can only be used on Greenscale, Relic, Heroic, Griffon and Renegade Equipment. This is for newer players to get to understand the mimic mechanic & be able to progress naturally through equipment.

Equipments Modified
Due to the Item Essence changes, the following changes have been made!
Greenscale Set - Level 75
Relic Set - Level 200
Heroes Set - Level 500
DHQ & Anni now both have an additional chest box that gives a piece of Griffon Equipment
Elemental Quest now has an additional chest box that gives a piece of Renegade Equipment
Equipment rewards have been removed from Dungeon Boxes due to majority of players agreeing they're shitty drops from Dungeon Boxes.

Outfits Passive Health/Mana Bonus Lowered To Address P2W Concerns
To help address some p2w concerns from outfits/wings/mounts passive bonus, we have lowered the amount of health & mana gained from all outfits, wings & mounts based on the following so that while still being relevant, they arn't as essentially significant.
T1: 0.25% > 0.15%
T2: 0.75% > 0.45%
T3: 1.50% > 0.90%
T3.5: 2.50% > 1.40%
T4: 3.00% > 1.75%
T1: 1.00% > 0.6%
T2: 1.50% > 0.9%
T3: 2.00% > 1.2%
T4: 2.50% > 1.4%

Bringing Back House Contests & Seasonal Events!
Something that we have noticed players enjoyed far more than we expected has been the house contests & seasonal events (Such as the easter event, christmas event, floral event, etc!). These we're also great ways for F2P players to obtain many shop items at a much faster rate! We will be going back to monthly house contests with very large prize pools this upcoming Season as well as making sure to have a couple if not a few fun seasonal events for everyone to enjoy and partake in!

Misc Improvements & Reworks
Player Vs Player Improvements
One large concern in the most recent European Season was how nimble lategame player vs player pvp was, where certain players would simply delete majority of players, as well as how quick pvp was over based on the low survivability of players in general. We have made the following changes to address this issue to improve lategame PvP substantially, as well as mid-game pvp.

All Class Health/Mana Pools have been increased by 80-90%.

All Total Health/Total Mana Scaling regen has been lowered by 40-60%, this is so that regen stays relatively the same despite the increase in health pools.

Soul Rune Scaling has been lowered from 10% per upgrade to 7%.

Attack Damage of Darksteel, Goldencrafted, Iceforged, Mastercrafted and Reforged Mastercrafted weapons has been slightly lowered.

Creatures + Bosses damage has been increased by 25%. Solo Dungeons have not been changed as players wont have healers there filling their increased health pools.

Richochet Enchantment

One large concern in our most recent European Server Season has been the lack of farming capabilities by primarily single target focused classes. To help address this, daggers, bows and pistols will now be able to be enchanted with a new richochet enchantment. This richochet enchantment will only work in PvE and not in PvP, and will allow attacks made by daggers, bows and pistols have a chance to bounce to 5 nearby enemies, each bounce dealing less damage than the previous. Higher tiers of this enchantment will have a lowered diminishing return on richochet bounces.

Catch-Up Experience Changes
In the past (for around 2 years) we had catch-up experience active since day 1. However, after some thought and feedback from the community, we ended up changing it so it wouldn't be active from Day 1, but activated a bit into a season. We have made some changes to the catch-up experience mechanic and have also decided it will automatically kick in after 14 days of a new Season. Catch-Up Experience previously was simply +300% Experience for any player outside of the top 33% of players in Awakening Levels. We have now changed it to be more variable, in where if a player is outside of the top 33% of players in Awakening Levels they will receive +150% experience, and if they are outside of the top 66% of players in Awakening Levels, they will receive +300% Experience.

New Poll & Player Voting System
We frequently poll our community to help us in decisions we are torn on, so we wanted to implement a more regulated and official system to do this, as often its only discord users who get the clear oppertunity to vote, now all in-game players will also be notified and will have a chance to vote! To avoid MC abuse on the votes, only awakened players can vote!

Guild Siege Changes

We spent alot of time discussing ways to potentially improve Siege Wars moving forward, and have made the following changes!

The Health of Siege Troll Neutral Spawns has been lowered by 30%.

The Amount of Free Supplies given to Siegers is significantly lowered after the 2nd Siege War.

Siege Weapons/Structures other than walls are no longer damaged by friendly Guildmates.

The First Siege War will occur on the Second Weekend of the new Season, instead of the 4th like previously. 
No PvP Damage In Parties
You will no longer deal damage to party members in PvP, this is so you dont hurt your own teammates even if they are from a different guild in a PvP battle/war.

Task Window & Wild Boss Windows Revamped!

The old tasking window was very ugly and rather awkward for new players to navigate. We have fully revamped all task windows to be much easier to navigate and sort through. Additionally we have applied a very similar revamp to the Wildboss System making it also easier to view!
All World Bosses Loot & Monster Essence Buff
Now when any world boss is slain, not just Abaldar and Dracona, the entire server will benefit from 1 hour of +10% Loot Find & 10% Monster Essence Find!

Additional Tutorial Images

The new tutorial images have been a massive help to the new players to our most recent season, and with NA having not only a larger population, but a much larger influx of new players, we have made & added tutorial's for all the things that we found were missing after hearing from new players. While this isn't very relevant for many veteran players, this is very important for helping new players avoid having to spam the help channel all day to know what they should be doing.

Necromancer Variable Scaling
We have changed Necromancer Summon scaling to now be variable. The reason for this being where Necromancers struggle most is late game scaling, as 200 extra power at 8000 power is a large strength spike, however for necromancers, this amount does very little to strengthen their summons.

Necromancer Summons will now scale between 1-2.5x after 3000 power (higher multiplier at higher power brackets, up to 2.5x at 10,000+ power). Necromancer Summons Health will scale at an 80% rate of what damage will scale at.

Earth Rift Expanded
The bottom floor of the earth rift has been 4x'd in size!

Woodcutting Buffs
The amount of Experience Obtained by cutting a tree has been increased by 100%.
The amount of Logs Obtained from cutting a tree has been increased by 100%.

Woodworking Buffs
The Damage Enhancement Passive from Woodworking (Which was shared with blacksmithing) has been replaced by a 2/4/6/8/10% Cooldown Reduction.
Experienced Earned from Woodworking Recipes (Other than creating planks) has been increased by 50%.

New Dig & Climb Event
We have added a new non-pvp event called Dig & Climb! Dig down, Climb up, through a psudo maze to get to the finish line before others in the event!

Working on Cleaning Up Our Community
Unfortunatly, something we once felt fine with allowing the community to self police, we now feel we need to be more involved with. Moving forward, I, as well as other staff, are going to be more strict on policing purely toxic players, who's primary intention is to ruin the game experience for other players. Please understand, this does not include pking someone, that is part of the game, and will occur, same with players being "hunted". However we will be keeping a more aggresive eye on the way people talk in General channel, and punishing where we see fit. We will not be policing private channels, or anything outside of Default/Public Chats or our Discord Server, as it's too dificult to get entire contexts etc. Archlight has and has built an amazing community behind it over the last 4 years, and we want to keep it that way and weed out those we need to be. 

Events Now Start Half Past The Hour
So they dont conflict with Rifts anymore!

Smoother Walking Animation
The previous walking animation improvement never made it into the client, it will be available on North America's new launch with even more additional smooth walking improvements. Walking should feel much smoother and visually pleasing!

Cooldown for Quests, Ritual Lords, and Arena's reset at a fixed time.
You will receive a charge for a quest at Tuesday's 00:00 CET and Friday's 12:00 CET whereas Ritual Lords and Arena cooldown will reset every day at 00:00 CET.

Misc Bug Fixes/Improvements
Miscellaneous attack speed fixes
Re-added machete to the game
Display proper currency for Rift Trader
Loot bags obtained from Ritual Lords will now be sent directly to your inbox, this applies to guilds as well (they will be divided equally amongst participating guild members)
Underling's are now able to walkthrough creatures, and they will attach themselves to their target before exploding
Fixed an issue where summons created by monsters in dungeons didn't scale
Fixed an issue where players abused ritual lords by creating new guilds to bypass cooldown
Fixed an issue where players were able to attack others freely after dying in an event
Fixed an issue where Sunfire Missile & Whirlwind Throw bounced to improper targets
Fixed an issue where reforged mastercrafted weapons obtained through blacksmithing weren't soulbound
Fixed an issue where you were able to use levers to spawn monsters while the boss were still alive (i.e. Sharptooth, Darksteel, Cooking Up the Storm).
Fixed an issue where dungeon charges furniture applied improper cooldown

Cast soul runes once cooldown is over instead of timer (ArchBot)
Minor fixes to emojis
Auto toggle Ignore Checkbox
Enabled idle animations
Fixed improper visual representation of health/mana for arcs

Heirloom Points Scale
Awakening Levels
1-500 = 1 Heirloom Point Per 100 Levels
501-1000 = 2 Heirloom Point Per 100 Levels
1001-1500 = 3 Heirloom Point Per 100 Levels
1501+ = 5 Heirloom Points Per 100 Levels
2001-5000 Power = 1 Heirloom Point per 500 Power
5001-8000 Power = 2 Heirloom Point per 500 Power
8001-10000 Power = 3 Heirloom Point per 500 Power
10001+ Power = 5 Heirloom Point Per 500 Power
Coins Ressurected From The Dead! - Time Table
1 Hour Before Launch - 2000 Coins Unlocked + 2 Promotion Tokens + 5 Heirloom Points!
48 Hours(2 Day) After Launch - 3000 Coins Unlocked + 3 Promotion Tokens + 7 Heirloom Points!
72 Hours After Launch - All cosmetic tokens given to accounts!
5 Days After Launch - 4000 Coins Unlocked + 4 Promotion Tokens + 10 Heirloom Points!
8 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens + 15 Heirloom Points!
11 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens + 15 Heirloom Points!
14 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens + 15 Heirloom Points!
17 Days After Launch - 6000 Coins Unlocked + 6 Promotion Tokens + 20 Heirloom Points!
20 Days After Launch - 6000 Coins Unlocked + 6 Promotion Tokens + 20 Heirloom Points!
All points after this will be unlocked at an accelerated rate and be received by 4 days.

New Content

20 March 2019 (16:12) by Archlight Team

We are preparing the largest content expansion we have ever done (but a 2-3x margin as well). This will also have many reworks to issues/systems players dislike as well including pvp & quest griefing. To manage expectations, this isn't coming in the next week or two. But we will be working round the clock (quite literally 12-16 hours a day 7 days a week) on this. We will be continuing to drop teasers throughout the process. We are Very excited about this.

Patch Notes

19 February 2019 (15:02) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes February 20th

  - Merged a public contribution to the Market System (mainly Offer History)
  - Fixed an issue where hotkeys and chat wouldn't fully load because the battle list module were disabled
  - Disabled underground colorization since people complained about the ambient light setting
  - Awakening Level will now be sent to the guild window

Guild window
- Allowing closing the window with the escape button

- Ability to kick yourself out of your guild (to leave the guild) from the guild window
- Fix the issue of guild icon not being shown properly

- Fixed hotkeys not properly saving

- Fixed where certain shortcuts didn't work (numpads, bot window)
- Fixed where the keystrokes registered multiple times to cause the player to be kicked out of the game
- Stability improvements

  - Fixed energy regeneration (identifier issue)
  - Fixed a regeneration issue (force life enchant to reset ticks)
  - Solo & Greater charges that are bought with boost points will be spent instantly when you purchase a charge while being inside a dungeon already (only if you aren't entitled to retrieve reward from the available chest(s))
  - Heirloom Crates are now properly soulbound
  - Moved the application of equipment bonuses after your other bonuses upon logging in, this generally leads to less health/mana for your character but an accurate representation of what you should have had from the beginning.

Patch Notes

25 January 2019 (16:14) by Archlight Team

January 26th Patch Notes

Catch-Up Bags Added to NA
These are meant to help newer/mid tier players catch-up in character strength. Items available in these bags include - Catch-Up Stat Stones, Catch-Up Upgrade/Rune/Soul Stones, Bronze, Silver & Gold Regrade Keys. Catch-Up Bags are obtained by completing dungeons.

Class Changes
Guardian Soul Runes will now benefit from runemastery

World Boss & Rift Changes
World Boss Health Scaling Increased by 25%
Rift Bosses will now spawn after 15 minutes of the rift opening, as well it will scale based on the power of the participants similar to World Bosses. We will be also enhancing the loot in the near future (Before the new EU Season)

Emoji's will now display in the chat logs & private messages! 
You are now able to right click a chat window, and open it as Read Only, splitting your chat window into two, so you can view 2 chat windows at once (For example, General & Trade Chat, General & Loot Chat, A Private Chat & Help Chat)
Fixed a floor related issue (finding the correct clickable-floor)
Fixed an issue with outfit/mount images in the Store

Misc Changes & Fixes
Furniture will now display unwrapped in the Furniture Shop
Professions such as Alchemy, Blacksmith will use gold & at that are available in your bank
Added some PvP zone precautions to avoid deaths
Added an item trasher blocker for teleports

Quick Survey

16 January 2019 (00:13) by Archlight Team

Hey guys! We like to do surveys once or twice a year, to get some clear information from you all, the community, on ways we can improve Archlight moving forward! We will be giving away 5 Bundles of $20USD Archlight Coins on NA or EU (your choice) to people who complete the Survey! It takes less than 3 minutes to fill out (10 quick questions - most multiple choice). At the end, simply add your character name for a chance to win! You can fill out the Survey here -