We're Hiring!

10 May 2019 (00:55) by Archlight Team

Due to the growth of our playerbase and the increasing desire for our team to create more unique content such as Shadows of The Ashen, we have opened two new positions in our team for anyone interested in a Junior Game Design position And/Or Junior Story Writer position! This position would be half pay half apprenticeship. We have a short apprenticeship period, in which after you would be fully paid for the position. Monthly pay will be discussed once/if your application is chosen, however, this is not a high paying position, we are looking for someone who has drive, passion, and motivation towards Archlight and is interested in Game Design or Improving their story writing. While this position is far from a full time position, we do want someone who feels they can commit to a position in which we will invest alot of our time training you in.

What will you receive
1. Experience with a fully operational and veteran team.
2. Consistant feedback and help improving game design and/or story writing abilities.
3. Monthly Wage & Archlight Coins (If you want these)
4. If we are feel you are fit for it, a full time job with our team

What the position entails
Game Design Position
Designing future content, which often will involve working with a mapper/artist/programmer.
Improving current content depth and flow.
Working with other staff on game design aspects.
Helping with misc small tasks for the team.

Story Writing

Writing new quest dialogues, NPC dialogues & misc dialogues.
Writing short stories (3-5 paragraphs) for new expansions

You are able to apply for both positions if that's what you feel equipped for, or just one of the other.

If you are interested in either of these position, please send in an application to ArchlightOnline@gmail.com including the following:


Since when have you played Archlight (season or month & year if possible):
Why do you feel you would be fit for this position:
What do you feel you would contribute to our team in the Junior Game Design And/Or Story Writer Position:
Any relevant experience if any, if none, simply put N/A:
List of MMORPG's you have played in the last 5 years, and roughly how long on each if possible/you remember:
(For Design Position) If you have played another MMORPG other than Tibia/OTs, what was one of your favorite things that the dev's of one of those MMORPG's did in their design choices?
(For Writer Position) Please write an intro to a short story about a Dwarf in the Fantasy Setting in under 250 words (Minimum 150).
Hours a week you would be available for the position:

Also after you apply, shoot me a PM on discord that you did :)

Archlight NA House Contest

08 May 2019 (13:19) by Archlight Team

Archlight NA House Contest - May
Houses will be viewed on May 29th!
Winners will be announced on May 31st!

Decorate your house on Archlight Online NA, you dont have to do anything other than that! On May 29th, we will view all the houses on Archlight and our team will vote on the winners (This is an impartial team of non-players).

Your house will be judged in many different ways, but the primary ways are the overall aesthetic, color matching, and at times, the value of things inside (generally rarity).

1st Place: 4 Cosmetic Tokens + 5000 Archlight Coins
2nd Place: 2 Cosmetic Tokens + 2500 Archlight Coins
3rd Place: 1500 Archlight Coins
4th - 10th Place: 500 Archlight Coins

Pokemon Autochess Beta Testers

04 May 2019 (15:50) by Archlight Team

Our Pokemon-Autochess Mini-Game Releases in 8 Days On Archlight! Want to be apart of the final beta test this week on our test server? Send me (Admin Knighter) a PM with: 
1. Your hours available on Monday > Friday!
2. Where you're from!

And I will get back to you within 24 hours with information about the final beta test! :)

Siege Wars Open Sunday!

03 May 2019 (17:02) by Archlight Team

Guild Sieges start on May 11th! BUT, you must bid to enter your guild first, which opens this Sunday! With up to $2500USD in possible ingame rewards to win, and rewards for even last place! Every guild should attempt to enter ;)

Siege Wars

Each Sunday, Guilds have 24 hours to bid to enter the Siege War, the top 6 highest bidding guilds will receive a position in the Siege. Once the bid has closed at midnight PST, guilds will have 5 days to prepare for the Siege. A bidding guild must have a minimum average power of 1000 and combined power of 7500. 
Siege Wars will take place on a 6 guild war sized map, with 13 Captures points, 4 Graveyards, 4 Small Creature Camps, 2 Large Creature Camps and what many different Viewpoints and Changing World Styles.
Each Guild will have 60 seconds to build their defense for their Capture Point, after which time the event will begin.
Guilds receive 10 Capture Points every 30 seconds that they control a point, increasing for each Capture Point they control. To take over a Capture Point from another guild - players must attack, and/or use siege weapons to destroy the holding statue, by destroying it, theirs will replace it and can now be defended to earn the guild Control Points.
Guilds will receive their share of 150 Siege Tokens based on their placement in the Siege Wars.
1st Place - 50 Siege Tokens
2nd Place - 30 Siege Tokens
3rd Place - 25 Siege Tokens
4th Place - 20 Siege Tokens
5th Place - 15 Siege Tokens
6th Place - 10 Siege Tokens
Siege Tokens can be spent at a shop containing the rarest of rares on Archlight - Including Regrade Keys, Enchantment Scrolls, Legendary Archlight Keys, Awakening Stones and more.
Every Participant of a Guild Siege will also receive their own Siege Tokens
As well, for every Siege Token a player receives, they will also receive a Minor Cosmetic Token, that can be used to buy any Store Outfit Ingame!

Date & Time: Guild Sieges will take place at 4:00pm EST(Server Time)(1:00pm PST) (5:00pm Brazil) Saturday May 11th!

A list of all siege weapons and defensive structures can be viewed below.
Siege Structures & Weapons
Over a dozen Siege Structures & Weapons have been added into Archlight. Full list of Siege Structures and there purposes shown below (These can only be used in Siege Events).
Siege Defenses/Structures
Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a small amount of health.

Sturdy Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a moderate amount of health.
Reinforced Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a large amount of health.

Caltrops - Caltrops are invisible to opposing guilds - When stepped on, deals 20% of max health / mana (whichever is higher) damage to the target.

Spike Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, deals 50% of max health / mana (whichever is higher) damage to the target.
Fire Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, deals damage to all players in the area for 10% of their max health / mana (whichever is higher) for 5 seconds.
Ice Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, slows all targets in area for 5 seconds by 50%.

Binding Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, binds a target in place for 5 seconds.
Siege Weapons

Ballista - Once placed, this will attack random enemies until it is destroyed.
Catapult - Once placed, the catapult can be used by any player or guild to throw a boulder with a 3 second Hit Box Warning, dealing massive damage to that location.
Battering Ram - Once placed, will deal damage to the tile infront of it for 30 seconds.
Explosive Keg - Once placed, counts down from 5 seconds then explodes, dealing a large amount of damage to tiles around it.
Explosive Barrel - Once placed, counts down from 5 seconds then explodes, dealing a massive amount of damage to tiles around it.
Misc Structure

Capture Statue - This is placed with your guilds color to show possession of a Capture Point. By destroying a Capture Statue, you gain control of it and replace it with your Statue automatically. This is now your capture point to defend.

Patch Notes May 1st

30 April 2019 (22:56) by Archlight Team

Some of this patch may go through in the late night, if Ninja feels the need to reboot the server for lag reducing purposes, however Ramparts will unlock at 10:00am PST :)

There will likely be ALOT more patch notes added in here before the patch - to cover all the other fixes that have been made - but most our fixes have been hot fixes and applied without patching, so this list isn't anything massive currently.

Base Health & Mana Changes
Bard, Sorcerer, Druids Health Gain per level increased from 15 > 20
Guardian, Berserker, Rogue, Corsair Mana Gain per level increased from 25 > 40
Monk & Necromancers Mana Gain per level increased from 45 > 75

This is to help lower level players not regenning enough mana for their early game spell rotations. 

We have fixed many of the bot issues, primarily the targeting. For now, if anyone wants to use it, you can get the new beta modules build in our Discord Announcement Section, we will release a new client with this in once we feel it's sufficiently public tested. 

The bounce damage of Richochet has been increased by 50%

A fix to gems in equipment sometimes not properly working 

Ramparts are now available to be accessed via the Quest UI
You can read about Ramparts in the expansion patch notes - Couple tips though - Bring a big party for optimal reward bags - and kill as many bosses as possible!

Tutor Rewards!

30 April 2019 (19:42) by Archlight Team

We now track (as best we can) tutor support, and we are excited to give Forever Sio, Extreme & Baws Each a free Cross-Server Aura as a Thank You for being (by FAR) the top 3 helping tutors from North America Season 1. Of course, thanks to all tutors who help no matter how large or small, but this is for the top 3 tutors from NA Season 1. Our tutor team is always looking to expand with volunteers who want to help the community! To apply, simply login to your account on our website, and click the Apply For Tutor Button! Moving forward we are trying to always reward the top tutors/senior tutors as well!

House Decorations

29 April 2019 (11:01) by Archlight Team

Many players have addressed concerns of us having had these house furnitures available in the previous NA season, but not available anymore, despite us not saying they were limited editions (meaning a fixed time frame where players could buy them) and that's a fair complaint, we never said they were limited edition, they shouldn't have been removed without giving players a fair chance to obtain them at a time other than the NA-off season when many were on EU. So we have added them back into NA.
These are all Exclusive Items, meaning you will receive them back automatically every Season. They will be available all season long for all of NA, so dont feel any rush to obtain one if you are wanting to.
All House Decorations are 4 LT's.

All furnitures do the exact same thing, the choice is simply cosmetic. 
All furnitures will allow the user, when unwrapped, to select one of the following buffs, this furniture will only provide this buff once the buff is selected. Different furnitures can have different buffs based on which you select to give it. The following buffs are available for selection.

1. Gain 4 solo dungeon charges - 20 hour Cooldown
2. Gain 4 greater dungeon charges- 20 hour Cooldown
3. +10 in a stat for duration of 23 hour Cooldown (Can only receive this buff three times total but unique to each stat)
4. +10% essence find - 23 hour Cooldown
5. +15% gold - 23 hour Cooldown
6. +12 hours stamina 20 hour Cooldown (Can not exceed 36 hours of total Stamina)

Additional Patch Notes!

25 April 2019 (19:28) by Archlight Team

Archlight North America Season 2
Launch: April 27th 10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT / 17:00 GMT / 19:00 CEST

Doorbusters & Cross-Server Aura's!

Not only are all prices reduced by 25%~ on NA & EU moving forward. But for the first 48 hours of NA's Launch, any donation of
$71.99 (59.99euros) will come with 5 FREE Archlight Keys!

& any donation of
$143.99 (119.99euros) will come with 10 FREE Archlight Keys!

These will not run out over the 48 hour duration, but after that will no longer be available.

In the past, we would do cosmetics as doorbusters, that had a limited supply and once out were gone! Many have addressed that they would much prefer we did Season/Era exclusive's, instead of a limited supply, and we have listened!
On Launch, 5 New Aura's will be available on NA! These will be one of the few promotions we do on NA, and thus they will be available all season/era long! Meaning you dont need to full rushed to buy 2 on day 1 if you wanted 2 of them! We feel this is better than having them for a brief limited time and instead players can pace themselves how they choose, or splurge and treat themselves ;)

In order the aura names are
Faith Guard | Sin | Mystic | Static | Illumination

Each of these Aura's are T4 Health & Mana Aura's (Highest Tier) giving the user +1.5%/1.5% health & mana (All cosmetics were lowered due to the Health/Mana Buff)!

Additionally; all of these are Limited Edition Exclusives & CROSS-SERVER! Meaning you will receive them back automatically every season, on your NA & EU accounts! And lastly, we will be pushing these to your EU heirloom account a few days after NA's launch, meaning you can enjoy it on your EU account shortly after as well!
Each will be 8 Living Tokens (which are now 25% cheaper)

Content Creators Playing Archlight North America!
We are excited to announce Hegal has also signed on as a content creator! He will be making youtubes & livestreaming on twitch on Archlight with his nearly 20,000sub channel! You can check him out here - https://www.youtube.com/user/Hegal2015
Below you can see a full list of all the content creators playing Archlight Online! (however, 2-3 more are likely to be added before launch) ;)

Ashen Content Placement!
We spent a good deal of time deciding where we wanted to align the Ashen Content and if or if not we want it to be apart of the Story Quest Progression. Our primary goal in mind was we wanted to #1 make sure that everyone who plays gets to experience the Ashen Expansion (This was by far our favorite expansion to make, and has alot of really fun & unique boss fights & quest mechanics) and #2 we wanted it to release to EU relatively soon. 

Thus, The Shadows Of The Ashen Expansion Content will be available right after Iceforged! There is a portal to access it in the depot, that will take you to Necropolis where you will start your first Ashen Quests that are able to be done solo or with others, and then through the Quest UI you will be able to access 4 of the Main Ashen Quests.
Because of the placement of the Ashen Content & Ashen Weapons, we have further adjusted the attack of several weapons (This is based on 2h weapons)

Ashen Sword (T1) - 1 Attack
Refined Ashen Sword (T2) - 10 Attack
Greater Ashen Sword (T3) - 20 Attack
Superior Ashen Sword (T4) - 30 Attack
Maledict Ashen Sword (T5) - 41 Attack (But each weapon has +20 to a stat of your choosing)
Maledict Ashen Weapons will also be required for later weapon progress ;)
Goldencrafted Weapons - 41 Attack
Iceforged - 42 Attack
Mastercrafted Weapons - 43 Attack
Reforged Mastercrafted - 45 Attack
Forgemaster Weapons - 48 Attack

Keep in mind, these are all base attack rates, and weapons scale higher from upgrades if they have a higher base.

Rei Dos Coins Promotion Items!
South American Players Rejoice! Now any coin purchase from Rei Dos Coins will come with the Promotion Items that paypal users get as well! In the near future, the amount of coins you get will slightly lower because of this, as Rei Dos Coins takes a large portion of the payments that paypal does not.

Increased Party Size For Tasks!
We have increased the amount of party members that receive contribution towards a task from 2 to 4! I know many of you will be very excited about this change :) we may one day change this back, but we will see how it goes with 4!

Max Party Size Increased
Max Party Size increased to 40 as many mentioned they run large PUB runs, however it remains limited to 20 for Heroic Quests & Ramparts.

House Bid Duration has been lowered from waiting 48 hours to 24 hours.

You can now see your full shop transaction history!