Teaser #6 - Gunslinger & Tamer

10 July 2019 (15:42) by Archlight Team

New Classes - Gunslinger & Tamer 
On release of our new season & expansion, 2 new classes will be available on EU & NA. The first of the two, is..

The Tamer

The Tamer is a long ranged variable class that wields bows, while letting their pet of choice do their work. The Tamer can have one pet out at a time, choosing between a Wolf, Bear, Gorilla and Boar. Each pet has a different strength, the wolf being single target damage, the bear with the ability to taunt & toughen itself against opponents, the Gorilla with area of effect damage, slamming the ground around itself, and the Boar for hemoraging and charging the Tamer's opponents to stun them and slow them down. While having less abilities than most vocations, the Tamer is unique in which each of it's abilities will command their pet to use an ability of the same type.

Tamer's have 4 type's to their abilities, attack, defensive, support and rage. Pet abilities have no cooldowns, but are reliant on The Tamer's ability usage. The Tamer decides what their pet's do and when based on what they choose to do.

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is a mid-range dps class that wields dual pistols, while manipulating the battlefield with illusions. While the Gunslinger is able to create illusions of itself to assist in their damage, mimicing the Gunslingers attacks and skew the numbers in their favor, they also have incredibly fast attack capabilities and disengage abilities. 
Here is a VOD where you can watch some game play of both classes by Drumbomb, as well as Me & Him talking about all the class abilities and more in depth about how each work!

Teaser #5 - Archlight Battlegrounds

08 July 2019 (13:41) by Archlight Team

Archlight Battlegrounds
Archlight Battlegrounds are a new system coming to Archlight that will allow guilds to challenge eachother on a completely level playing field. Guild Leaders and Vice Leaders can simply pull up a UI window, input the opposing guilds name, and then fully configure the exact balance you want the battle to entail. Once you have fully customized the battle parameters, the invitation will be sent to the opposing guild, if/when they accept, a 15 countdown will start, at which time those guilds can enter the battleground and start preparing for battle. 

You can set anything from a wager (comes from the guild banks), equipment skills/resistances, gems, rune upgrades, respawn time... Well, let's just show you!

To save time if you dont have specific preferences for the battleground, you can simply use the presets available - Novice, Adept, Expert, Master - To have all the custom presets filled out based on roughly that stage of the game.

To start, we will have one battleground map, but we will be adding several more in the near future.

We will also be using this same platform to make a 3v3 Arena System (using a smaller arena style map) where players will be scaled based on a pre-set balance, this system will indeed have a ranking system and leaderboard ranks to show the highest skilled 3v3 players.

Battlegrounds will release in our first major patch of the new season (likely 2 weeks in)

Additionally; tomorrow at 12:00pm PT (3:00pm ET, 19:00 GMT) Drumbomb will be livestreaming a short gameplay teaser of Tamer & Gunslinger on his twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/kevkebabb - We will broadcast it 1 hour before he goes live tomorrow. I will also be on to answer questions about the two vocations.

Teaser #4 - Content Balances & Changes

06 July 2019 (11:56) by Archlight Team

Content Balances & Changes

Otherworld Changes
Otherworlds Frontline Creatures (goldencrafted pieces task area) have been nerfed by 15%

Cooking Up A Storm Changes
The Boss Room on Cooking Up A Storm has been increased in size, doorway now is unable to be used to single file the boss.

Misty Mountains Changes
Misty Mountains quest has had 3 new boss fights added to it, and the other boss fights enhanced to be more of a boss challenge oriented quest.

Ashen Content Changed

The stat bonus on Ashen Weapons has been changed to +10 per weapon (previously +20)
Ashen Weapons will now be able to be used onto other weapons or grips to give them the stat bonus from the Ashen Weapon. Once applied, they can be removed/reapplied with a mimic scroll.

Progression Slowed Down
We have slightly lowered experience from all forms in Archlight, this is more noticable once awakened and at higher awakening levels and less impactful during levels 1-1500. Additionally we have slightly lowered the scaling of awakening turn-in items. 
To keep power balance with these experience changes, the effectiveness of all stats and gems other than haste stats/gems have been lowered by 17%.

Monday we will be teasing a new system with you all - Archlight Battlegrounds ;)

Teaser #3 - Shop Changes

04 July 2019 (13:54) by Archlight Team

Removal of Several P2W Features from Archlight Store
Profession crates completely removed from the Archlight Store (We may use these as some form of profession quest rewards in the future perhaps).

Elixirs have been removed from the store.

Skill Potions have been removed from the store.

Decoration Tab has been removed, these items can now be bought from the furniture NPC.

We have removed the ability to buy Poke Candies from the Archlight Store. Now all Shiny's obtained will be purely from playing.

MMORPG Article about new Season

We are extremely hyped about our new European Season & Council of Marius Content Expansion, so is MMORPG.org! They have reached out to us and will be writing a featured article on our new expansion coming on July 19th. The oldschool players here remember what a massive breakthrough that was for our game & community, bringing in a massive flood of new players & permanently growing our community to a next level. We cant wait to see that happen again :) When the article is published, we will be sure to share it with you all as well! 

Teaser #2 - Profession Changes

02 July 2019 (11:36) by Archlight Team

Profession & Daily Profession Quest Changes
Experienced Earned from Mining Ores has been increased by 20% 
Experienced Earned from Skinning Leather has been increased by 20% 
Experienced Earned from Woodcutting Trees has been increased by 20% 

New Daily Prof Quests
The previous daily profession quest system was very one dimensional and meh. We have completely stripped down and rebuilt this system. Now, all daily profession NPC's will offer you a daily quest based on your current skill level in that profession, scaling not only the ingredients but also the experience. 

Additionally, instead of having to complete a grocery list of ingredients to turn in and give to that NPC, you will now instead of rewarded simply for gathering/crafting said items. 
Not only will this allow the quester to keep what they gather/create, but it will also stimulate the economy with some items that may not be commonly crafted/gathered. Instead of receiving experience on completion/turnin, players will receive an additional +500% experience on anything they gather or create that is required for their daily profession quest!

Teaser #1 - Guild System Revamp

30 June 2019 (15:36) by Archlight Team

Guild System Revamped
We have made many revamps to the Guild System on Archlight to not only improve its depth & value but also create more competition within guilds themselves.
Guilds will now hit a "soft cap" of members at 15 members. After which, they can purchase up to 5 tiers of +2 members for their guild, to hit a hard cap maximum of 25 members.

To make up for a possibly lower guild member count for some guilds, we have reworked the guild experience formula, to being slightly more required experience at low levels, but drastically lower at high levels - level 29 > 30 will now require 60% less experience to obtain than before - making all the tiers of the new guildhall islands much more accessible for all guilds.

Guildhall Profession Islands

Previously, guildhalls had multiple different portals throughout them giving access to different maps with mining, fishing and farming. Now, guildhalls will have a single portal to an island, which has mining caves, a large fishing boat, farmland, and a new woodcutting forest, as well as all guild NPC's on it.
Parts of this island are still restricted based on your guild level. Because of this change, guildhalls have been drastically revamped, removing all the portal rooms, replacing them with meeting rooms and hangout locations. Additionally, profession islands are each unique to the guilds rank. Higher ranked guilds profession islands have more trees to cut down, more nodes of ore, and more fishing locations. Lastly, when you are apart of a guild that owns a guildhall, you will receive the ability to travel straight to said guildhall using !travel. You will also receive the ability to travel to a house you own as well.

New Guildhall System
Guildhalls are no longer standard houses in which guilds bid to obtain them and continue to own said guildhall as long as they pay weekly rent. Now, guildhalls will be possessed by the most dominant guilds each week. Sunday at midnight server time each week, guilds will be ranked based on their experience contributed to their guild that week.

Based on their rank, the top 7 guilds will receive access to one of 7 guildhalls. They will receive access for free, and will pay no rent, however they will only remain in possession of said guildhall as long as they maintain their guild rank the next week.

New European Season

28 June 2019 (15:16) by Archlight Team

New European Season Announcement 
& The Council of Marius Expansion

In 3 weeks (July 19th), We will be dropping our largest content expansion to date as well as the new European Server Season! Our team has expanded, restructured, and is producing content faster and cleaner than ever. Starting sunday, every 2 days we will be dropping teasers of new things coming to Archlight on July 19th! To mention some of the things that will be coming in these teasers... 2 New Vocations will be coming to Archlight. The Tamer & The Gunslinger. Some massive reworks to many vital systems on Archlight, such as Guilds, Guildhalls & Profession Islands, a large new expansion of content called the Council of Marius, a new town revamp, many things removed from the Archlight store such as skill potions, profession crates & more, and a new daily profession quest system that 1. scales based on your profession skill and 2. doesn't require you to sacrifice your products you gathered/crafted for the experience and lastly, we are being featured on MMORPG.org about our upcoming expansion & new season... for anyone of you OG's who remember the massive flood of players that came last team we were featured there ;)

There is far more things coming than mentioned above, but we will be keeping those for teasers & expanding on all the things aboved with screenshots, teaser videos & more. We are so excited to share all we have been working on :)

Our first teaser will be dropped on Sunday, for now, enjoy this animated piece of a Tamer & Gunslinger facing off against the new Expansion Boss - Marius.

The Council of Marius: Bloodtide
An Archlord Vampire’s blood has been spilled upon the land, unleashing an ancient darkness... 

For centuries, Marius and his Council—all elder vampires—have been trapped in a dungeon deep underground, magically imprisoned by their own kin. With the Archlord’s final death, these powerful bonds lay broken, the cells which held them unlocked. Ravenous, bloodthirsty and crazed from their years of captivity, the Council of Marius is once again loose to terrorize the realm. 

Only this time, they have deeper ambitions.

Vampire legends of old speak of the Bloodtide—a horrific power hidden and forgotten in the lost Crypt of King Vlad. Newly freed and hungry for vengeance, Marius and his Council of elders have set their evil eyes on finding and awakening this plague of plagues. Wherever they search, a bloody path is left in their wake.

Will you defeat Marius and his unholy Council? Will you stop the Bloodtide?

For if you fail, the Bloodtide will spill across the realm, ushering in a new dark age… one ruled by vampires.

The campfire’s orange light shifts between the trees, their skeletal branches reaching out like bony arms in the darkness. The night is quiet, aside from a faint wind whispering through the leaves and the stray hoot of a lonely owl. As you relax on the bedroll, listening to the breeze, your ears catch another sound— something fumbling through the forest, beyond the glow of the fire.

A young boy emerges from the gloom, pausing at the edge of the light before walking slowly to the fire. Messy brown hair frames his small face. He looks dazed, his eyes wide with shock. As the boy nears the flames, you notice red splatters on his shirt. He looks at you, blinking, as if noticing you for the first time. Without a word, he sits down and begins to weep. You want to ask him what’s wrong, why he’s covered in blood, but you allow him some time. After some minutes he calms down, wipes his eyes and tells his story.

“Last night…” he begins, “Last night the strangest storm gathered above our village. It hadn’t rained in days, but suddenly water came down in sheets, muddying the ground, leaking through the roof. Lightning crashed above the forest, caught trees on fire. Father thought the entire forest might burn, if not for the pouring rain. He brought the animals inside, fearing they might bolt in the uproar. Thunder boomed outside our house. Then, just like that—everything stopped. The dark clouds went away. The thunder disappeared. The rain ceased.” The boy shook his head. “I was hidden underneath my covers, but Father said the trouble was over. That I had nothing to worry about. I believed him. I went to sleep.”

The boy shudders, fighting a memory.

“Sometime in the night, I heard screams.” He brings his knees to his chest, wraps his arms around himself. “That’s when the nightmares started.”

The child speaks of terrible things—pale men in robes and dark armor, chains and amulets dangling from their necks, fingers ending in long, wicked claws. They went from one house to the next and screams followed each time. The boy tells of the worst figure of them all, more creature than man, with large, leathery wings attached to his back. The boy watched from under the floorboards as the ravenous creature drained his parents, one by one. By the time the horror ended, and the creatures disappeared into the night, nothing in the village survived. Not even the animals.

Exhausted from reliving his nightmare, the boy weeps himself to sleep. You lay your blanket over his small body, and throw another dry log onto the fire. The forest is silent once more. As you listen to the child’s rhythmed breathing, you vow to bring those responsible to justice. This evil should never be free upon the land.
Though you pressed him for specifics, the child was only able to give you one name he heard whispered from those wicked mouths... 

Patch Notes June 28th

27 June 2019 (18:44) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes - June 28th
Many of these are already live in-game as we were able to load the scripts in, however here is a full list and includes things that will be patched in tomorrow.
This patch is virtually all bug fixing.

Warlord Quest bosses are now force respawn.
Quest instances (such as Misty Mountains lever) should now properly reset on re-entry.
Minor Fixes to the zombie event (Such as make zombies immune to stuns, disable summoning spells inside the event.)
Added levers to the "browse field" menu to make it easier to use them when a body or a firebomb is on top.
Shock Head mount taming item has been fixed.
Polls no longer reset after us staff reload in script fixes
Essencess will no longer spawn if a monster has a boss health bar.
Fixed an issue where multiple essencess sometimes did not spawn on the same tile.
Heroic Darksteel Lever is now working correctly.
Heroic Iceforged Teleport no longer takes you into the normal iceforged instance.
Soulbound items can now be stacked (Such as the Daily Calendar rewards)
Another Minor improvement to the Event Protection (such as WorldBoss Deaths)
Clarity and Peace of Mind Feats had their descriptions updated to match their actual healing values.
Misty Mountain Bosses should now properly stay in range of their actual attacks.
Dying inside a quest should now properly remove any bonus stats.
Archer soul rune description has been changed to ensure that it has to be used on the caster and not the target.
Minor fix to Guardians Shield Haste and Utamo Tempo
Guardians Sunfire Missile bounce logic has been improved

Autochess Fixes
Jolteon Clones are now properly removed when the master dies.
Fixed an issue with bench pokemon being hit.
Fixed a bug where if both players play no pokemon, they wont be considered winners.