Guild: Revenant Society

Looking for the king of cormaya...

Rank: Name: Vocation: Status:
the Incorporeal BeingRybarczyk [A. Level: 223]Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist)Offline (14 hours)
an Ethereal BeingEatsda Pizza [A. Level: 200]Songwriting Bard (Spellsinger)Online
a PoltergeistBarbarian [A. Level: 197]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (7 hours)
a PoltergeistEzraeel [A. Level: 164]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (13 hours)
a PoltergeistGremvoid [A. Level: 156]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (3 days)
a PoltergeistKhouri [A. Level: 263]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Online
a PoltergeistLeoh [A. Level: 236]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (14 hours)
a PoltergeistRoyal Malt [A. Level: 248]Elder Druid (Tree Spirit)Offline (12 hours)
a PoltergeistWar Bringer [A. Level: 181]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Online
a PoltergeistXinz [A. Level: 173]Enlightened Monk (Brawler)Offline (5 hours)
a WraithBladelord [A. Level: 314]Elder Druid (Shaman)Online
a WraithChau [A. Level: 305]Sinister Rogue (Shadow)Offline (20 hours)
a WraithGlock [A. Level: 281]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Online
a SpecterAlkafiry [A. Level: 223]Songwriting Bard (Cleric)Offline (9 days)
a SpecterArcanepyros [A. Level: 204]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (5 days)
a SpecterCriie [A. Level: 320]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (4 days)
a SpecterDark Soul [A. Level: 268]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (2 hours)
a SpecterElmaz Sheengon [A. Level: 256]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Online
a SpecterImpers [A. Level: 202]Sinister Rogue (Assassination)Offline (3 days)
a SpecterNoox Kryx [A. Level: 234]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (4 days)
a SoulLonium [A. Level: 199]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (6 days)
a SoulNivel Dois [A. Level: 157]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (14 hours)
a SoulRedrum [A. Level: 259]Noble Guardian (Protector)Online
a ShadowAmmobox [A. Level: 205]Songwriting Bard (Cleric)Online
a ShadowDuttix [A. Level: 219]Savage Berserker (Rage)Online
a ShadowHaxxorzz [A. Level: 163]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (17 hours)
a ShadowShiggy Diggy [A. Level: 211]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (5 days)
a ShadeDj Aswin [A. Level: 117]Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (14 hours)
a ShadeMikiz [A. Level: 109]Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (14 hours)
a ShadeMiya [A. Level: 120]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (14 hours)
a ShadeXaniic [A. Level: 143]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Online

Invited characters