Guild: Circle Of Chaos

Rank: Name: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderColton Davila [A. Level: 1061]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (5 days)
a Vice-LeaderAzurite [A. Level: 522]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (3 days)
a MemberBlazerstar [A. Level: 580]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (1 month)
a MemberBoost Me [A. Level: 219]Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (1 month)
a MemberCharlie Sheen [A. Level: 377]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (20 days)
a MemberChucknorris [A. Level: 795]Enlightened Monk (Brawler)Offline (15 days)
a MemberCinnabar [A. Level: 250]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Offline (1 month)
a MemberConqueror [A. Level: 414]Enlightened Monk (Spiritmaster)Offline (6 days)
a MemberDon Luigui [A. Level: 886]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (3 days)
a MemberErvas [A. Level: 499]Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (1 month)
a MemberFlattery [A. Level: 464]Enlightened Monk (Brawler)Offline (5 days)
a MemberFlippad Mage [A. Level: 319]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Offline (1 month)
a MemberForever Sio [A. Level: 953]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (2 days)
a MemberGodlike [A. Level: 557]Noble Guardian (Holy)Offline (4 days)
a MemberIvans [A. Level: 252]Songwriting Bard (Cleric)Offline (1 month)
a MemberKael [A. Level: 727]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (15 days)
a MemberKriminoz [A. Level: 472]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (8 days)
a MemberMalachite [A. Level: 252]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Offline (1 month)
a MemberYuki [A. Level: 341]Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (1 month)